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TELEOPTI Resource Mgmt

Ericsson Contact Center Integrated Solution

As Ericsson Enterprise offers a complete portfolio of products and applications to address business communications.

As Teleopti s Technology Partner, with the integration of Ericsson s Solidus eCare and Teleopti Contact Center Coach, customer service improve tremendously while staffing costs reduce drastically. Ericsson s Solidus eCare offers a true multimedia contact center solution with skills-based routing functions for voice, chat and e-mail interactions. Multimedia skills-based routing guarantees that each contact is dealt with by the most appropriate person in the contact center organization, fulfilling the customer s dream of one call, one agent and one answer. Teleopti Contact Center Coach workforce management solution facilitates optimum workforce scheduling based on multimedia forecasting, agent skills and agent preferences. This solution helps contact center managers to accurately staff their centers by analyzing recorded demands across different contact channels, such as the phone, fax, e-mail and web chat.

Workforce Management

Teleopti has a balanced approach to workforce management. It is a balance
act between increased profitability, improved customer service and increased employee satisfaction. This balance act needs to be managed both on an operational and a strategic level.

On the operational level, the task is to optimize scheduling from a given set of constraints, or to be able to quickly adjust to a new and unexpected situation. On a more strategic level,
workforce management is about changing the basic conditions to improve workforce planning and business operations, through better management and monitoring of the business.

Complete solutions

Our tool for workforce management, Teleopti Contact Center Coach, has continuously been developed and improved together with some of the most capable resource planners and contact center managers in Europe since 1995. The current release contains tools to manage, involve and improve all aspects of workforce management in today s advanced contact centers.

Support on all levels

Teleopti project managers and consultants will use a proved methodology to implement the solution in a rapid and smooth way. Our strategy and business consultants will assist you to implement strategic workforce management processes to enable you to even more effectively manage and optimise your business. Our helpdesk is known for providing quick and accurate answers. We encourage networking through arranging seminars and work shops where our customers learn from each other and find best practices.
Implementing strategic workforce management to use the resources in an optimal way is a challenging task. Teleopti will provide you with the tools, methods and support to get you there.

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