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Mx-One Telephony Switch

PBX system for medium-sized to large organizations
Built to keep your business moving ahead

The MD110 Convergence Communication System has evolved to become part of the MX-ONE concept's the Ericsson all-in-one communication solution!

The MX-ONE Telephony Switch enables our more than 40,000 MD110 customers to begin migration to MX-ONE with a simple upgrade. It is a natural step toward a future-proof and full server-based solution for these MD110 customers. By upgrading with our Telephony Switch release, customers can gain the cost benefits of new hardware with higher capacities and new software with enhanced IP and mobility functionality, and all this while protecting existing investments.

Existing customers with MD110 releases lower than MD110 BC12 are offered to upgrade their existing systems to the new MX-ONE Telephony Switch at new attractive upgrading prices.

Upgrading to MX-ONE Telephony Switch also permits integration of the new- generation MX-ONE hardware. A new embedded server board enables integration of MX-ONE Messaging, providing advanced Voice Mail and full Unified Messaging functionality.

For new customers, the MX-ONE Telephony Switch offers a fully IP-enabled communication system with true cellular integration (Mobile Extension), as well as, integration with business applications.

We also want to secure a controlled migration. D.N.A. will support the server-based offering, the MX-ONE V.2, as a branch node with own operator functionality. This will allow customers to add and fully integrate server based nodes in their existing MD110/Telephony Switch network with full application support. And then, when all nodes have been migrated to MX-ONE Telephony Server, the customers can migrate also all applications (D.N.A. Application Suite to MX-ONE Communication Organizer and MX-ONE Manager).

Branch office solutions familiar from MD110 systems accomplished, for example, with Remote LIM, Remote LIM over IP, IP telephony based solutions (IP extension combined with EBG/DRG) and MX-ONE Telephony System 1.0, are also supported by the MX-ONE Telephony Switch.

The new Telephony Switch software provides unique support for user mobility. It introduces new features such as Parallel Ringing and Single-Number indication, enabling a user to be presented by one number even when using different terminals, as well as enhanced manager/secretary monitoring functionality for IP phones. The Telephony Switch also introduces an ingenious solution to the challenge of identifying the location of emergency calls (112 or 911) made from IP phones. These new features will make the Telephony Switch solution very attractive for customers with high mobility requirements.

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