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Ericsson Solidus eCare

IP and mobility-enabled virtual contact centers across multiple sites
Virtual Contact Center

Ericsson Solidus eCare™ solution offers enterprises of all sizes IP and mobility-enabled virtual contact centers across multiple sites. This enables dispersed customer service organizations to behave as one single unit.


Customers can be guaranteed of accessing the most appropriate agent – wherever they are located and on whichever communications medium they prefer to use.

Solidus eCare™ is the power that enables people to make the best business.Solidus eCare™ operates on the Ericsson MD110 Convergence Communication System. As such the solution is capable of providing full IP contact center capabilities. And it comes empowered with Mobile Extension to equip remote or roaming agents with full PBX feature transparency.

Multi-site capabilities and centralized management provide the sound basis for building distributed contact centers. Enterprises are today faced with a critical need to conduct business over multiple and geographically dispersed locations. This will enable them to access a broader customer base and at the same time reduce the cost of providing their customers with the necessary service levels.

Get to know Solidus eCare™ today. And get to know a host of enhancements that include improved e-mail handling; support for IP extensions using IP fixed telephones and IP soft-phones, and a range of management tools to support the Virtual Contact Center.


Agent applications

There are few facilities within an organization as dynamic as a contact center. With continuous change comes a need for intuitive and flexible control. Desktop Manager is a sophisticated tool designed to enhance call control and contact center functions. By providing agents and supervisors with many powerful basic and advanced call-control features, Desktop Manager facilitates efficient call handling and the integration of different media. Licensing for advanced features is available on an individual basis, allowing for total customization and scalability of each contact center package.


Management applications

Managing a contact center should not be a difficult task. This powerful suite of management tools provides more penetrating insights into the contact center activity without adding complexity. The reporting, real-time viewing, networking, knowledge base management and configuration capabilities enable an organization to compare and contrast the use of different resources, and to analyze media inquiry processes and overall contact center efficiency. Multi-site capabilities and centralized management provide the sound basis for building distributed contact centers.


Self-service applications

This unique group of tools brings self-sufficiency to the contact center, enabling organizations to create customized interaction flows to suit their needs through Interactive Voice Responses supporting Automatic Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech. Virtual Agent and auto e-mail response capabilities provide comprehensive 24/7 services, while allowing valuable agent resources to focus on premium customers.

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