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Mx-One Telephony Server

MX-One V3.2 - The one you want!

MX-ONE™ is designed to break down barriers and put you at the center of communications.
This means that you're completely unrestricted by location, time or media process. Voice, data, video and applications all converge over one network - public or private, fixed or mobile. Moreover, MX-ONE™ employs standard communication protocols like SIP, Session Initiation Protocol, and integrates with Microsoft LCS - Live Communications Server.

 MX-ONE™ is the compact, scalable and future-proof server-based IP-PBX based on the Linux operating system and is built to take on the highly-dynamic business and technology environments. Plus, it has the inbuilt power to link up to 50,000 users, regardless of whether they are located at the headquarters, branch offices, remote home offices or are out traveling.



Maximize on Mobility - Access information everywhere regardless of location, device or media. MX-ONE™ offers Mobile Extension, free seating, WLAN/SIP and DECT.
Maximize on Flexibility - Move in time with change. Integrate mobile and fixed, voice and data, private and public. MX-ONE™ offers scability, a distributed concept with a centralized or decentralized approach and versatile HW options.
Maximize on Functionality - Enhance business performance. Increase productivity. And build customer loyalty. MX-ONE™ offers a broad range of applications and features, Microsoft LCS integration and SIP.
Maximize on Your Investments - Cut costs. Make the most of existing investments when integrating new technology. MX-ONE™ offers open standards, smooth migration and centralized operations based on IT practices.


MX-ONE™ is built on the following integrated modules that work transparently together as one completely unified entity.
ERICSSON MX-ONE™ TELEPHONY SYSTEM is the primary building block of MX-ONE™ -  the telephony engine of the IP-PBX. It consists of a telephony server and a media gateway that can be simply integrated into your existing IT environment.
ERICSSON MX-ONE™ APPLICATIONS - The Contact Management Suite (CMG) offers a wealth of tools like instant messaging, corporate directories, call logs and presence profile management. And of course it's integrated with Microsoft Office/Outlook, Lotus Domino/Notes and Novell/GroupWise.
ERICSSON MX-ONE™ MESSAGING gives you total control over all your messages. It's fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Novell Groupwise and offers everything from basic voicemail to a comprehensive unified messaging system.
ERICSSON MX-ONE™ MANAGER integrates perfectly with today's IT management platforms. It offers full control over your MX-ONE™ communication networks from just one single workstation.



  • Unique distributed architecture concept

  • 50,000 users

  • Hardware optimization and flexibilit

  • SIP support on both the extension and trunk line, voice over WLAN

  • Improved system characteristics in the areas of redundancy and security

  • Advanced telephony features and legacy support

  • Broad range of end-user applications

  • Complete suite of Operation & Management tools

  • Integration with Solidus eCare™ Ericsson multimedia Contact Center

  • Smooth migration of existing MD110 customers

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