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MOBILIN is a leading telecom infrastructure build & maintenance sub-contractor and a major provider of state-of-art technologies for the telecoms & network systems. With over two decades of experience serving & executing construction projects in the field of networking systems & solutions services for the telecommunications marketplace, MOBILIN is at the forefront of this rapidly changing area by demonstrating its leadership to the telecommunications industry throughout all the GULF region.


MOBILIN was certified by Ericsson in 2007 to represent the products and solutions of Ericsson Enterprise to all of their existing and prospective customers. The authorization has been renewed by Aastra in 2008 after its acquisition of Ericsson Enterprise. Its product portfolio includes: PABXs, Multimedia Contact Centers, Messaging, Multimedia Conferencing, Transmission equipments, Fiber optic, data networks and triple play solutions.


MOBILIN has been implemental in successfully delivering partnership with material supply and several major Service Providers that meet its clients’ core mission: higher quality, lower costs & higher productivity. And envisions to be the market leader in Telecommunications & services, by facilitating innovative & path breaking technologies which enables to evolve & grow.

Each client at MOBILIN is treated as “Special” and a customized solution is devised based on their requirement. The working model of MOBILIN is based on utilizing the required expertise from any location when it is required. This working model is the outcome of deep analysis of the complexity and flexibility of the different technologies involved in any advanced communication solutions nowadays.


Our expertise are located in Sweden, Germany and Holland and focus on solution design, integration and interoperability testing, while the field resources are available in Kuwait for implementations and first line support. Our executive manager has 30 years of experience in Ericsson both in local companies and in the head quarter in Stockholm. His deep knowledge in Ericsson processes, products and tools facilitates and strengthens the cooperation between MOBILIN and Ericsson

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